Student Competitions

The American Society for Composites (ASC) supports Solvay Award for the Best Student Paper in Composites to be presented annually at the ASC Conference.

Students interested to be considered for Solvay Award for the Best Student Paper in Composites need to indicate so in their abstract during the abstract submission (choose topic 28: Solvay Student Paper Competition).


  1. Only papers on polymer composites manufacturing, materials development, adhesive bonding, and recycling are eligible for this competition, in particular
    • Innovative manufacturing and prototyping methods
    • Process design, modeling, and optimization
    • Process-induced defects and residual stresses
    • Out-of-autoclave methods, RTM, compression molding, stamping
    • Composite joining (focus on adhesive bonding), assembly, co-cure
    • New materials development and chemistries for composites
    • Cost and waste reduction, and reutilization, in the composite supply chain
    • Recycling and re-purposing of composites
  2. The first author and presenter has to be an undergraduate or graduate student in an engineering program at the time of the first abstract submission deadline. Post-doctoral researchers and other research staff will not be considered.
  3. No extensions will be given for the submission of the paper beyond the final conference paper submission deadline.
  4. A limit of two secondary authors (a total of three authors) will be allowed to insure that the student first author has contributed significantly to the research.

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The American Society for Composites (ASC) supports annual ASC Student Simulation Challenge Competition. This year challenge is focused on Design a manufacturable composite sling-less catapult arm to launch a blueberry

All students with ASC membership are eligible to participate. Teams from within and across universities are encouraged to register for the challenge.

First prize - $1000, second prize - $500.


For more detailed information on the challenge, please click here.

The Chair of the 2022 ASC Student Simulation Challenge Competition is Prof. Endel Iarve, University of Texas at Arlington.


The list of previous winners of the ASC Student Simulation Challenge can be found here.